Auckland, New Zealand

Child Cancer Foundation’s Wig Wednesday

Child Cancer Foundation’s Wig Wednesday

Child Cancer Foundation was about to run its second ever Wig Wednesday and they wanted to move from their existing ‘Google Forms’ sign-up to a dedicated site containing all the event information, sign-up forms, and donation integration. What a fun challenge to dive into!


High Level Milestones – Website

  • Create new WordPress site
  • Design pages, user journeys, and menu structures
  • Add online sign-up (including PayPal payment), renewal forms, RSVP, and contact forms
  • On-brand ‘off the shelf’ theme
  • Implement HTML formatted emails that send when a sign-up is confirmed with one email going to the participant with event ideas and information and a second going to the team at the foundation for records
  • Integrate donation platform to both take donations and show a live tracker of the money rasied

Site Mission

“Wig Wednesday is an annual event that helps raise awareness and support for Child Cancer Foundation and raise funds to support Kiwi kids with cancer. Wig Wednesday encourages schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals to don a wig for one day and fundraise.”