Auckland, New Zealand

Aviva Families Youth Service Report

Aviva Families Youth Service Report

Aviva Families, based in Christchurch, had been running a pilot youth service. After some time of running the service a report was commissioned into the successes and for the presentation of this report, a website was to be made. Posted on HelpTank, I volunteered to help build the site and created a simple site that acted as an online version of the report itself.


High Level Milestones – Website

  • Registration of site and initial configurations
  • On-branding of theme
  • Creation of digital report content

Site Mission

In October 2016, with support from the Wayne Francis Charitable Trust, the Aviva Youth Service began supporting people aged 12-25 who have experienced and/or used family violence. The service aimed to increase safety, build self-esteem, improve mental health and, ultimately, break the intergenerational cycle of violence. After delivering the service to 113 young Cantabrians over two years, we are pleased to share how the service has built hope, a sense of identity and brighter futures for young people in our community.