Auckland, New Zealand

My Experience

Telco, digital, web, volunteering

Telecommunications and Digital Services

Since 2013 I have worked for Spark New Zealand – a leading telecommunications and digital services provider. Starting out in a retail store I moved through to a temporary position with the Sales Academy as a Learning Development Specialist in 2015 where I facilitated trainings on the new customer relationship manager being implemented across the business.

I am currently a part of the Channel Operations Chapter in the agile heavy Omnichannel Tribe acting as the Product Owner for the retail and business point of sale application and as a DevOps squad member across a number of other projects and systems. The Channel Ops Chapter are subject matter experts in the customer facing channels of Spark spanning retail stores, business hubs, direct sales, contact centres, and corporate account management.

Key Achievements at Spark

  • Assisting the project of migrating between two CRM systems in-flight with little to no real customer impact – one of the largest IT projects of its type.
  • Implementing click and collect from to retail stores – the first telco in the country to do so and as of January 2019, still the only one.
  • Taking part in the on-boarding of a number of previously partner-owned retail stores into Spark-ownership.
  • Running and working in the project to move from one retail management/point of sale suite to another.

Freelance Web Development

For several years I have had a passion for building, managing, and redesigning websites. Recently, I have worked with a number of charities and non-profit organisations to enhance their presence online. Primarily using WordPress CMS I help to on-brand, create consistency, improve customer journeys, and add value wherever possible such as creating HTML formatted email templates, online forms, and integrating with existing systems such as donation platforms, databases, and social media platforms. See some of my work.

Organisation and Charity Governance

Spark Foundation

When Spark Foundation launched in 2011, it pledged to start an Ambassador Programme where it would recruit foundation friendly Spark people in offices around New Zealand to promote and build the profile of Spark Foundation within their local area. Since 2015 I have been an ambassador for the foundation.

In 2017 I was elected by Spark people nationwide to become their People’s Champion. Confirmed by formal interview with the Chair and General Manager of Spark Foundation I joined the board as a trustee and representative of Spark people helping to manage the foundation and its projects such as Jump (subsidised broadband offering), volunteering and payroll giving (projects within Spark for employees), and partner projects such as supporting Code Club, Digital Natives Academy, and 21st Century Skills Lab.

Monarchy New Zealand

Since May 2013 I have been a member of the Monarchy New Zealand Executive Team putting me in a unique position to help promote a part of New Zealand that is often forgotten yet is also very important.

The executive team is small but effective and together we maintain the day to day operations, membership, social media accounts, and website. We are often also called on to give comment to news and media outlets.

In 2018 I was elected Vice Chair by the organisations board after the exit of the incumbent; a position I am hugely proud of. Find out more about MNZ on our website.

More Information and Contacting Me

You can find out more on LinkedIn or by contacting me.