In 2013 my journey with Telecom Spark New Zealand started. I was hired into a store based role where I helped our customers bring their digital dreams to life. I sold solutions including mobile, broadband, wireless boradband (mobile), Morepork Home Security, Lightbox TV, and all the bolt ons you can imagine! I loved my time in store and quickly progressed to a third keyholder posotion where I was responsible for opening and closing the store and managing day to day operations in the absense of a manager.

Mid 2015 saw me being offered a secondment with the Retail Learning Delivery Team where I assisted in the testing, training, and roll-out support of the fibre release of our new customer relationship manager (CRM). Following this secondment I was seconded into the Sales Channel Operations team whre I worked once again on a release of the CRM, helped to build an entirely new partner CRM, and also helped with a POS project and other day to day operational activities

At the end of 2016, after a year of secondments with the Sales Channel Operations team I was offered a permanent role in the team

You can find out more detail on LinkedIn or by contacting me.